It’s been a while


“It saddens me when our generation says, ‘what’s the point?’. They don’t realise that we could do so much.”

– Hadhinah

Prior to this post, I was keeping myself updated with the news of the recent rally held by Pakatan Rakyat of the “fraudulent election”  and the tweets and also the notifications that buzzed was bruising my sanity.

What Dhinah said was inevitably true. Incessant remorse sank in when I thoroughly observe the response of the youth on how inconsequential politics is to them or allow me to put it in such, who ever run the nation, nothing will change. Which is absolutely misconstrued.

The upper-hand is not directly understandable as it requires certain comprehension on the basis of laws and regulation in the constituency of the country. Since, everything that surrounds us in Malaysia is controlled by the hegemonic group, also the environment that it leave us with, gave a hint of, by having a slightly offbeat thoughts and opinion is a sign of anarchism. Which, I personally think, it is not very humane to do so. Where’s the democracy?

Liberty and freedom of speech is no longer alien as I began to see more and more Malaysians realised that their rights have been ‘robbed’ by the frauds that occurred during the elections. The rally was able to gather sea of people but sadly some fanatics thought it was preposterous. Why does Anwar wants to challenge the Election Commission? Some says, “dah kalah tu kalah lah.”

Exactly, the bigger picture is overshadowed by the thought of ‘why don’t you accept defeat.’ This rally was to raise awareness that the previous election was not fair and just to all, fight for the love of democracy and to express the dismay towards treacherous act that the EC showcased last sunday.

The thing that tickles me is, how amazingly some of the Malaysians still are not aware of their rights in this so called ‘democracy’ nation we live in. What is democracy anyway?

Here, by The University of  Standford, Study of Humanities :

  1. A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections.
  2. The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life.
  3. Protection of the human rights of all citizens.
  4. A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.

That’s roughly what democracy is. I also would love to project some essential key points that Standford Uni mentioned,

“In democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority.”

The citizen have the sterling power in deciding what’s the next crucial thing to happen in their country, your voice matters. That’s what. The accountability of a government, a listening government is what a developing country needs. In order to rise to the occasion together, we have to be united, increase the social cohesion and not isolate the people by using racial rhetorics. Racism, the nemesis of the nation.

” People are free to criticize their elected leaders and representatives, and to observe how they conduct the business of government.”

Criticising is not humiliating, is not discriminating nor degrading the leaders. Leaders are not faultless but certainly set as an exemplary to the rest, my fellow readers. Several mishaps here and there are permissible. What is totally unacceptable is the abuse of power. For a democracy country, it best to look for change, look on other side, we can do much better if we would have given some room for a change.

“In a democracy, participation in civic groups should be voluntary.  No one should be forced to join an organization against their will.”

This very sentence caught my attention as it explains a lot of misconception regarding demonstration and expression of dissatisfaction. When a rally is held, the intention is to raise awareness and to grab attention of the public and also the ruling government. As long as it follows the rules and regulations and also with strong ground and understanding that come as a prerequisite, it is legally right.

“No one can tell you what you must think, believe, and say or not say.”

I don’t think I should elaborate much on that, do not allow scaremongering or corruption get in your way. Do not prison yourself in a cell that constrain you from having the right to have an opinion or right to object.

Suffice to recapitulate, democracy is more that just having to choose your leader, its the landscape of the nation.


Its not the leader who defines the country, its you, the citizen. 


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